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Astrology and the new exoplanets - Trappist-1

The lovely and amazing Trappist-1, a dwarf star 39 light-years away from Earth, has a family of orbiting planets that might be able to support life. Its position in the tropical zodiac appears to be around 8 degrees of Pisces. Fired up and ready to go; I'm packing my bags. If you want to learn how to locate any star or exoplanet system, click on the STARGAZER link above. D K-S

The Astrology of the 2016 Presidential Election and Void Moon Watchers Alert: 

Yes! That ground-breaker, 'no-drama' President Barack Obama, was nominated — and accepted the nomination in 2012 — on a void of Course Moon. He won happily, by a huge margin.
So what's up with that? Is the Void Moon no good no more? Not a bit. It neatly describes a story about how systems — economic, political, social — change over time.

In astrology, the first time you do an action (kiss, file papers, send an email, etc.) describes the potential outcome. In quantum physics it's called the initial conditions. What we are looking for is the moment when an action becomes irrevocable. You put the letter in the mailbox — you're not getting it back!

And politics, like any other stochastic system, involves many moving parts, people and events. So the astrologer ends up with lots of charts, layers of launch events.

Simply put, it seems that the time a political candidate announces, is nominated or accepts the nomination no longer appears to be the overriding initial condition. The de facto decision on who the candidate is going to be has been made weeks, months, even years before.

It might be when the votes go over the top in the roll call of the states. It may be the filing date. It may be when the only opponent drops out. (See the 2016 political high-wire act in the UK.) It might be the winning of a decisive primary. Each one of these is an event, a chart. Every chart describes a condition.

Political conventions were once a gaudy spectacle of horse-trading and uncertainty. The last two brokered conventions were in 1948 for the Republicans, and 1952 for the Democrats. (In 1976 neither Ford nor Reagan had enough delegates, but Ford had it wrapped up, wheeled and dealed before the roll call. The granting of presidential favors plus control of the convention helped.)

These days, by the time you get to the political conventions, the candidate has already been set. Not like 1948 and 1952. So we're watching, and taking notes. And keeping an eye on all those irrevocable moves and announcements. For now, the moment of irrevocability generally comes before the convention. But that doesn't mean we won't be watching, Void Moon sheet in hand. -DK-S  


Running Tally: On 19 July 2016 at 7:11 PM EDT in Cleveland Ohio Donald Trump became the Republican Party's official nominee. New York State put the votes over the top. The moon was Void of Course. On 21 July 2016 at 10:19 PM EDT Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party's nomination. The moon was Void of Course.

On 26 July 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hillary Rodham Clinton became the Democratic Party's official nominee. As the Wahington Post reported, ‘Sen. Bernie Sanders . . . made a motion to suspend the rules and declare Clinton the nominee by acclamation. . . And with the motion seconded, a loud roar of ayes arose, making her the nominee at 6:56 p.m. Eastern time.’   The moon was not Void of Course. Technically, South Dakota put the votes needed to clinch the nomination over the top at 6:37 PM.  On 28 July 2016 at 10:47 PM EDT Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic Party's nomination.  The moon was not Void of Course.

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For a more detailed history, here's . . .

The Backstory

President Barack Obama was sworn in as America's new president on 20 January 2009 at 12.05 pm EST in Washington D.C.  If you check the tables, The Moon was Void of Course until 12.30 pm EST.

(This need not be a deal-breaker; President Clinton's second term inauguration occurred on a Void of Course Moon.)  

But there was a little problem. Chief Justice John Roberts 'flubbed the oath' The Moon was Void, of course!

President Obama retook the Presidential oath a day later, on 21 January 2009, at 7.35 pm EST No Voids. (Legally, however, a president becomes the president at noon on 20 January, no matter what. See the 20th Amendment to the Constitution So, the Void rules.)

Here is that story. Doink! Doink!

Backstory:  Nominations of the Presidential Candidates and the Void of Course Moon

On Wednesday, 27 August 2008 at 4.48 pm Mountain Daylight Time in Denver, Colorado (6.48 pm EDT), the words rang out: ‘Hillary moves — is there a second?' There was, and at that moment Senator Barack Obama officially became the Democratic nominee. Three minutes later, at 4.51 pm MDT (6.51 pm EDT) the announcement came: "I inform you, Barack Obama accepts the nomination.'  Deal done, wa-a-a-ay before the Moon went into the void. 

Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden's nomination became official after his speech the same evening when he was proposed, seconded and he accepted at 10.20 pm EDT. The Moon was void of course at this time.

But it was a big surprise to see Barack Obama himself, now the Democratic Presidential nominee, appear onstage unexpectedly at 10.55 pm EDT, a mere four minutes after the Moon left the void and entered his own sign, Leo.  Hmm.....

Our brilliant eagle-eyed Stargazers write:

From R:  I have been e-mailing every influential Democrat I can think of...and especially Obama's people....to direct their attention to your website.  In almost every case, I've received the standard "canned" response; you know the ones that thank you for your e-mail and assure you that your concerns will be carefully considered, and then ask you for your continued support.  BUT one time, just once, I got a reply e-mail from someone in the Obama camp that just said:  "Is that Mountain time?"  (In response to my warning to avoid the 8:13 to 10:51 pm VOC period.)  Maybe, someone WAS listening.

Debbi Kempton-Smith comments: Omigosh. R, you deserve a medal for service above and beyond the call of duty to your country...and to astrology.  This may be as close as the public ever gets to the true story of the all-important nomination time. 

From J:  Hey girl...Just saw the Democratic nomination, and since Hillary waived the roll call formality to declare Obama the nominee, he got officially nominated before the Moon went void at 8:13 pm.   YAY!  Go Hillary.  Happy livin'.

From M: The nominations were finished before the void.

From 'A Reader':  Hi Debbi Kempton-Smith! Thanks first of all for providing easy access to void-of-course tables. They’re too important to be stingy about. (Of course, people can consult their ephemerides, but not everyone has access to an ephemeris.)

Re:  the 2008 Democratic National Convention: Indeed, it is true that prime time on television is when the candidate is usually nominated, but in this event, Barack Obama was nominated well before the void-of-course period, when Hillary Clinton asked the party to suspend the rules of the committee and nominate Obama by proclamation. So, those who support Barack Obama can rest easy about his nomination. Not so easy on Joe Biden, though, his vice-presidential choice, who accepted his nomination narrowly before the VOC period of Thursday evening ended. I have never read anything about the effects that the nomination or acceptance of a nomination of a vice-presidential candidate might have on a president’s candidacy – or his (or, someday, her) presidency. Time will tell how this plays out.

In any case, if we’re doing things right, it’s all one big research project – review the data when they are available, and then make only those pronouncements that the data support. Thanks again.

From R, again: Republican Presidential candidate John McCain's official nomination was 12:06 am today (September 4 2008) after an unusual-timed roll call vote just after Sarah Palin finished her speech at around 11:06 pm on Wednesday September 3.

So, it appears that, for this election year at least, neither Presidential candidate will have been nominated during a void-of-course moon.

 Backstory to the Backstory  

Barack Obama officially announced his presidential candidacy at 10.13 AM CST on 10 February 2007 in Springfield, Illinois (BBC) ... during a Void of Course Moon. But he filed the official papers to open a presidential exploratory committee with the Federal Election Committee with no Void Moon, at 10.06 am 16 January 2007 in Washington D.C.

 Dear readers, sort that one out!   DK-S



From Al H. Morrison, the genius astrologer who traced the knowhow of Void Moons from the ancient times of Firnus Maternicus through Elizabethan times to the present, comes this explanation:

"Every couple of days there comes a time which is best used for subjective, spiritual non-material concerns, like prayer, yoga, play, psychotherapy, or passive experience, sleep or meditation.
"This period may last a few seconds, or it may be three days and nights in a single session. "It begins when the Moon in transit makes the last major aspect it will make before it changes from one sign of the zodiac to the next. It ends when the Moon enters the next sign. The name of this period is Void of Course Moon. You may call it a silly season, or vacation from normal living.
 "Decision making in such periods turns out later to be unrealistic. Creativity diverges into unpleasant directions, improvisations, false starts, error. Business moves fail to generate profits, or meet unexpected difficulties. If you buy any object it usually fails of its intended use. "Human judgment is more fallible than usual during the time the Moon is Void of Course. This is the principle factor in all observed experience thus far.
"Routine proceeds readily, but often requires an adjustment later. Defects or shortages come to light. Delay and frustration are commonly experienced while the Moon is Void of Course. "Neurotic tendencies, bad habits are more open to change. ESP experiments show odd results.
 "Historic events during such periods have a wild, Pandora's Box impact on cultural evolution. The first two dozen successful spaceshots were all launched with the Moon Void of Course, to open an all-new age in which old concepts and ideas are corrected or disproven.
 "In every presidential election from 1900 through 1972 one of the two major party candidates was nominated with the Moon Void of Course. Every one of the candidates nominated with the Moon Void of Course lost. "Jimmy Carter's 1980 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon."

[John Kerry's 2004 nomination and Al Gore's 2000 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon, as did President Barack Obama’s 2012 nomination. Despite the moon void, Obama won the 2012 election handily. Times change. Systems evolve.  ---DK-S]
"Only observation can demonstrate what the Void of Course Moon indicates in your daily living. the scientific approach is to check it out. Design your own experiment.
"There is much more to selecting a "good" time to act or decide material issues. Skipping the Void of Course Moon is just staying out of avoidable difficulties.
"Go out of business when the Moon makes its last aspect. Feed your soul until the time the Moon enters the next sign. Then, go back into business!"

by Debbi Kempton-Smith)

Copyright 1982, 1999 by Debbi Kempton-Smith All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. You may download and print these tables for your own use. They may not be sold, but are free to all. If you'd like permission to quote from these pages, please e-mail us! You may not post these tables in whole or part on the Web.


About Al H. Morrison:  
Friend, Genius, Troublemaker

Al H. Morrison was possibly the most generous (and genius) of any astrologer it has been my privilege to meet. I am proud to have known him as my beloved friend. He researched new planets, particularly Chiron (he designed the symbol and mentored Zane Stein's meticulous Chiron work) and a boatload of newly discovered asteroids and Comet Kohoutek.

He published magazines (The Astrological Review and C.A.O. Times) as well as charts, sheets and books, including an extraordinary short book of the vocational indicator.  He ceaselessly encouraged promising astrologers. He gave deep, life-affirming, lyrical chart readings. He led seminars all over the world. 

He  freely distributed the Void of Course Moon ephemeris every year. And  Al is responsible for the  Chiron and the Void of Course Moon on every page of the American Ephemeris. The above are just some of the gifts he gave the world of astrology. He did most of this for free, or for small donations. He was poor, (which is how geniuses with integrity  often are) and  he was a river to his people.  I once saw him give the shirt off his back to a colleague,  astrologer Charles Jayne, whose luggage had gone missing.

We met at a British astrology annual conference in 1972, and, of course, he had a stack of his Void of Course Moon sheets and booklets with him as giveaways. The copy on them, year on year, was the same as you see today on this website. I have added an addenda here to bring events up to date, but not a word of what he wrote has been altered.

Al once told me of the long hours he had worked, researching  the presidential nomination data, built on, based on, and thanks to the previous painstaking work by the formidable Washington D.C. political astrologer Barbara Watters (she confirmed this to me at dinner in the revolving rooftop restaurant  at Atlanta's AFA conference in 1978) and of course, on the work of our old astrologer buddy across time,  good old Firnus Maternicus.   

We welcome your questions, comments, quibbles and observations. Let us hear from you!

 D K-S


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·          Entering the  Twilight Zone: Avoiding Trouble on the Void of Course Moon
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